Saturday, May 5, 2012

Project #13

Twenty-four hours without technology might seem like an everyday issue but for others, well, they would rather have a stroke then put their iPhone down for fifteen minutes let alone twenty-four hours. I must admit that I was never able to go the full twenty-four hours without technology, as required for this assignment. However, the problems that I faced were work and school related. Being self-employed I couldn't let my phone sit idol. The instructions did allow phones for work purposes but I would rather have been able to commit 100% regardless. The second issue that I faced is that it is finals time. Keeping up with classes is a must have during the end of the semester. Other than these two slip ups, I did well. No radio, on the drive the school. No TV during down times. Perhaps I will try this assignment at a later date. I almost feel like it would be somewhat relaxing to be able to turn off every form of technology and focus on yourself and the others around you. I was intrigued by this assignment, so I did a Google search on other peoples no technology projects. This was one article that I found relatively interesting and I wanted to share this with all of you. A college student did an Amish Project with no cell phone, email or social media for 90 days. His story really makes you think about all of the ways that we no longer communicate with people and how we only communicate with people.

Final Project #16

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Project #15

Final Report on PLN

My PLN is still not finished but it has everything on it that I need at this point in my life. I dont think my PLN will ever be complete because it is something that I will continue to use and continually make additions to. I have recently made a few additions to my PLN including the following: Google Maps, Yellow Pages, ESPN,, and Ebay.

Progress Report On Final Project

Progress Report
"Our group shuffled through several ideas before we came to, what we think, is the best one. We have been meeting at the lab, emailing and texting for a couple of weeks, pulling our ideas into one. Since EDM310 is a technology class, we think that it is important to get, first hand what teachers are lacking in the classroom. By interviewing students, teachers and parents we can hear their thoughts and better prepare ourselves for what we, as educators, are about to walk into following this class. Classrooms are well equipped with computers, Smartboards and even iPads but what else can we do to help the parents stay connected to the class? Are we utilizing these products to the best of our ability to teach our students? Do teachers have knowledge on these products that are provided for them to use?" -Kaylan Sheherd(Group members Byron Brye, Kaylan Shepherd, Akeem Appleton)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blog Post #13

Blog Post #13 was a bit of a challenge for me. I took three attempts and failed at trying not to use any electronic devices. One of the 1st things that happened to me was getting a text message from my football coach informing me of the workout –schedule. I can’t miss workouts so I definitely had to respond to each message. The 2nd encounter I had while trying not to use electronics was checking my jaguar email account. I check it every day. I was going try avoiding using it but I was waiting on a very important response from my advisor concerning registration. That’s our main way of communicating. The last encounter I had with trying not to use technology was my two other online classes, Math and Psychology. I have enough trouble trying to balance three computer-based classes so I definitely couldn’t get behind. I had to go online and do homework for math and take post tests for psychology. I never knew I depended on my cellphone or a computer so much. Media is all around us and we don’t truly appreciate it for all its worth. My students will learn that electronics and technology can be very helpful in our daily lives. They will learn to appreciate it and use it to better themselves for a great future.

C4T #4

How to Develop Public Speaking Skills Online
Public Speaking
Angela Maiers Educational Services

Public speaking is one of the most effective ways to communicate ideas and persuade people to understand your point of view. However, if you have never spoken in public before, or just have anxiety towards doing so, you may have trouble with the idea of giving a speech to a group of people. Now you can let go of that fear because there are ways to learn how to develop public speaking skills online. One way to develop your public speaking skills is to look for an online class devoted to the topic. If there is no in-person class in your area, find an online class that teaches public speaking skills. Several colleges offer online public speaking courses, including the University of Wisconsin. Its Introduction to Public Speaking course covers speech composition, delivery and effective listening skills and can help you gather the poise and confidence to become a better public speaker. It requires you to be able to record video clips and post them online with the use of a webcam, helping you learn different methods of speaking in front of an audience. Although the course may seem basic and lacking in content, prominent programs such as traditional or online MBA programs value their students’ abilities to be able to speak in public and persuade consumers or shareholders.
If you cannot afford a college course, you can still take public speaking lessons online for free. One such site, School for Champions, offers a full spectrum of topics related to public speaking, including setting goals, preparing to speak, showing confidence in your delivery, and satisfying your audience. It even suggests ways to make money as a public speaker.
If you dislike the structure of a classroom, you can still learn to speak in public by reading as many articles as you can about the subject. Stephen M. Fournier’s website focuses on the art and science of rhetoric and how speakers use their skills effectively. In addition, his site contains pointers about body language, speech writing, vocal intonation, and how to overcome nervousness.
Most importantly, you need to practice the skills you learn in order to develop them and keep them sharp. Just as a photographer can only take better pictures through practice, you can only become good public speaker when you practice the skills you learn from one of these online sources. If you want to practice using a pre-written speech, the Internet is full of historical speeches you can use to improve your skills. The History Place offers a collection of historically significant speeches, from Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech to Winston Churchill’s “Their Finest Hour” speech to President George W. Bush’s first address to the American people after 9/11.
When you know what skills you need to speak in public effectively, you can overcome your fear of public speaking through study and practice. The Internet is a great place to gather the resources needed to start gaining the experience needed to speak in public.

I have had many problems with public speaking. I am a really quiet laid back kind of guy. Fortunately I have already taken and passed it. In the article above many great pionts were made. Practicing the skills you learn will help you become a great public speaker. You can now actually take public speaking online now. Free courses are also offered online. I would definately take advantage of that oppertunity.

You Matter

In Angela Maiers video she puts a huge emphasis on the phrase "You Matter". She tells the story of an encounter she had at the airport that shows that sometimes that people don’t get the recognition that they sometimes need. She along with many other people were in distress and a lady named Annie came along and helped them. Annie had noticed that their struggle and did whatever she could to help them. This is where Angela Maiers gets her theme for the video from. After Annie had helped Angela and the others, Angela wanted to do something to show her appreciation for her. Angela wanted to tell her supervisor of the good deeds of Annie but Annie was the supervisor. She had felt like she never got any recognition not that she expected it. As the video goes on she explains that everyone should feel significant in their lives. She states that one student would leave her classroom without feeling noticed, trusted, or depended on. Just by simply noticing someone could change their day or even their life. The main point she is trying to get across in the video is to explain that two words could change a person’s life. Each person should know that they are significant and has a calling and could possibly change the world. We should value each other. Teachers should value students. Students should value teachers. With this type of relationship the sky is the limit for educational opportunities.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blog Post #12

Create a weekly plan for what you plan to teach your students for that week using Microsoft Excell or Google docs. I chose to create an exersise plan that consist 60 minutes a day with. This assignment well help students be able to organize and plan assignments. Great teachers are always organized and have a plan!

Creativity and Curiosity: My Thoughts - Special Post #12A

Good Teachers
I believe that most schools in the United States indeed do systematically destroy the development of curiosity and creativity in students. It happens because school systems refuse to change. They want to keep things traditional. Tradition is good but when it has an effect on the world around us something must be done. In my experiences at school, I have been limited to creativity in many aspects of education. Many simple tasks that are assigned at school can easily be altered to destroying creativity. For example: A teacher gives a student an english paper assignment and gives them a specific topic to write about. This limits their creativity by not allowing them to explore and choose a topic that intrest them. Instead they are forced to write a paper on a boring topic making their paper boring. I believe a curriculum can be developed to increase the creativity and curiosity of students. I think school systems should take polls and surveys that indicate the students interest and alter the curriculum to best fit them. School systems could make school alot more interesting in many simple ways. They could add classes that students are actually interested in and enjoy talking about. They could add more physical activities instead of sitting in the classroom all day. With that said, I believe a teacher's actions can help increase the creativity and curiosity of students. The way a teacher teaches has alot to do with the way students learn. When teachers are energetic and excited about their job students tend to be more interested in what the teacher is saying, creating a better learning environment. Everyone has experienced a boring seminar or has had to sit through a boring teaching lesson. I'm sure you found yourself day dreaming or doing something other than paying attentin to pass the time. An example that perfectly protrays this idea is watching Randy Paush's Last Lecture. I was completely intrigued with the way he delivered his message. Watching him inspired me to become a teacher that students are going to enjoy having. Having experiencing a boring teacher and an energetic teacher, I can see the affects of learning. Teachers should strive to be the best they can. They should love their job and understand the impact that they have on students. School systems should strive to hire teachers who have a special passion for education and helping students succeed.

C4K Summary (April)

Have you read the Hunger Games? Ask me about the book. The Hunger Games: Book 1

The Hunger Games
The book involves Katniss Everdeen, a sixteen year old girl, who volunteers for her sister Prim to challenge herself in the event The Hunger Games. Her friend Peeta also was chosen for the games. She visits the capitol and it is time to start the games. Read the book to find out what happens next! The book was written by Suzanne Collins and so far she is my favorite author. The movie is out go ahead an see it.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire-Book 2 The 2nd part of the trilogy The Hunger Games is fantastic. The book involves the same characters , Katniss Everdeen, and her “boyfriend” Peeta. They have to go back in the games together and fight to the death. Peeta, Katniss, Mags, and Finnick ally each other.( Mags and Finnick are from distric 4 and need Katniss and Peeta to survive).They find water and live through all the pain. The terrain is a type of shoreline in the middle of the ocean. The Book is written by the same author and to me is better than the first. The movie is in the making and I can’t wait to see it! Read the book to find out more interesting facts about Katniss and Peeta.

My first C4K student posted a blog about " The Hunger Games", a book written by Suzanne Collins. Above is his post containing a small summay and other information about the book. The book seems really interesting, especially after reading his blog post. I was inspired to read the book but I'm not much of a reader so I decided to watch the movie instead. And I must say if the book is anything like the movie it was fantastic.
My second C4K was for Shelly, a young girl in Mrs. Jenny's class. Shelly posted a video telling about her experience at camp. It sounds like Shelly had loads of fun at camp. She seen many tents. Is was nice to see that young children are already starting to use technology like this. When I was Shelly's age I didn't know what a computer was. I hope students across the world are already using this technology for the better.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blog Post #11

Mrs.Cassidy's Class
Little Kid Using Computer
This was a very interesting, yet exciting video to watch. My first impression after watching the video was “Wow!!! Look at those little geniuses!" All the kids seemed interested and in-tune with the technology they were using. I was surprised that they had so much knowledge with using the computers. They demonstrated their skills well. I know that I wasn't half as involved with technology at that age. I was really impressed with Mrs.Cassidy's class and her teaching methods. I would like to use the same type of set up as she used in the aspect of blogging. She made it easy for the children to comprehend and understand how to use the technology. One problem that I may encounter with this teaching style is children not receiving comments from others and getting discouraged. By the time I become a teacher I think the world should be up to date with the latest teaching tools and teaching methods. Therefore, I shouldn't have to deal with that issue. If I do encounter this problem I will arrange a way that each student receives a comment by arranging many options for each student. I agree with Mrs. Cassidy when she says teachers should be technologically literate. They should because when using technology to educate others, especially young children, you need to know more than just the basics. Teachers should be aware and comfortable with the teaching tools so that the students will learn proficiently.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blog Post #10

The video for blog post #10 is enlightening. It differenciates a teacher and an educator. Anyone can be a teacher, but it takes true passion to be an educator. As educators, we must not only teach students but also guide them in the right path to sucess. I plan on being a great educator by developing realationships with my students. I want them to feel comfortable in the classroom. Getting to know your students is a great way to become a mentor in their lives. I want to be able to give my students advice on anything they may be troubled with. I want my students to be able to talk to me about anything beause I will try to help them in the best professional way possible.
Future education

As educators we must support our students. Getting involved in their lives may help them in the classroom. There are many personal situations that occur in the homes of students. Some students may feel trapped in that they have no one to talk to about their problems. That's where students should be able to confront a teacher and let them know whats going on so they can get help. It is our duty to help students suceed in any way possible.

Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home
This post was a bit confusing to me at first, but I reread it for better comprehension. The point that I got out of this blog post was that teachers shouldn't become so caught up in statistics that may or may not matter. In this case, statistics that don't matter. As explained in the article, the lady tells us that using pencils causes students to score lower on standardized test. She rants on about how something needs to be done about this problem that she makes seem enormous. Tom believes that students using pencils isn't a bad thing, in fact it may be a good thing. Students may be learning things that the teachers may be unaware of. I would have to side with Tom on this issue. Teachers should focus more on helping the students in the classroom by getting involved, supporting, and encouraging rather than worring about the effects of pencils.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

C4K Summary (March)


My first C4K assignment was for Jude, a young boy from the UK. I really enjoyed reading about his Saturday with his dad. They went to the Great North Museum, also known as the Hancock Museum. They went to see a LEGO exibibtion. He said there were people making a LEGO city. Before they could go into the exibition they had to kill time because there were time slots. In their spare time they went and bought new school shoes, ate, and bought flowers and chocolates for his mother because it was Mother's Day. Sounds like they both had lots of fun. The Hancock Museum sounds like a really cool place to visit. I’d like to go there some day.

My final C4K was for Andrew, whose perfered name is Andy. Andy lives in Canada. Me and Andy had some thingd in common. His favorite sport is football, which is also mine. I also found out that he like pumpkin pie. That's one of my favorite desserts. Andy seems like a really interesting person. I wish to know more about Andy.

Blog Post #9

May 27, 2009 What I've Learned This Year (2008-09)
I can truely tell that Mr. Joe McClung has grown as a teacher. He made many great points in his blog post. For example, when he said teachers do not make their lessons student centered, and they become so concerned with the delivery of the content that they are missing the most important aspect of teaching. I also agree with him as far as student comprehension being the most important aspect of teaching. One statment that really stood out to me was when he said "Our job as teachers is to simply pick them up after they fail, dust them off, and encourage them to try again". That shows the type of attitude you must have to be a teacher. That is a teacher's job-to encourage one to do their best while guiding them through the process. Another great point that he made was listen to your students. Many teachers don't take the time to get to know their students. Teachers shoould develop relationships with their student. I believe it nakes for a better learning environment. This post had a lot of userful information in it. Reading his post will make me a better teacher by learning from his experiences.

June 23, 2011 What I Learned This Year (2010-11)
This post by Mr. McClungs is filled with useful information also. One of the first things he mentions under "Know Who Your Boss Is is that teachers must not get caught up in what others think about them and trying to please everyone in the work place. He makes a great point by saying "Remember the reason that we got in the business in the first place, the kids." That statement holds true in my eyes. No matter what the case may be, teachers should always put the students first. "Dont Touch The Keyboard" was another section that caught my eye. This section was about helping the students and not hurting them by completeing the task for them. Most teachers want only the best for their students. When a student is struggling with something it is best to guide them in a way that helps them understand the task at hand. Teachers should never give a student answers. It takes away from the learning experience and the student is in fact not learning anything; hence, the teacher is not doing their job correctly. Mr. McClung's blog posts were very interesting to read. They all gave useful information that will help me grow into becoming a great teacher.

-This means that our students will struggle a little bit in the front end but it will help them excel in the end game.
-Our decision making process should always be student centered and not centered around pleasing adults.
-While routines are good in the sense they allow me to be more effective, they can also be bad because they can foster apathy.

I'm very happy with the teacher that I have become.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Project #12


Mr.Robbo has begun developing a offshoot website for app development. The website can be visited via and provides a variety of ways for users to interact and gather assistance surrounding any of the apps for PE teachers.

In the past year Mr. Robbo havs received numerous emails asking the best and easiest way to go about designing ‘apps’ for classes etc. The question varies depending on what type of functionality they desire, however for anyone looking to build an app that links together content from multiple web sources such as RSS Feeds, YouTube videos, twitter accounts etc then he recommends two tools to get this done in a matter of minutes.

1) Web Apps – The benefit of building a web app is the fact that they are designed for multiple devices, meaning that anyone with internet access can access the app by simply visiting the URL while on their device. They also offer some of the basic features of native apps with an increased level of flexibility. For a step by step video guide to building your own app and making it accessible in a matter of minutes. Check out the video below. 2) Native iOS/Android and Windows Phone Apps – If your craving a little more flexibility in your apps and would prefer to follow the official route in terms of submission to the app store and android market, then you might be interested in the “The App Builder”.

Mr. Robbo has had a great idea to come up with such ways to create apps for teachers. This movement has already made great strives to help teachers use technology in the classroom. Most of the apps have seemed to amaze me. I am really looking forward to seeing whats next.

Blog Post #8

Reading The Future
Richard Miller is an English professor at Rutgers University. I enjoyed watching the videos by Dr. Miller. He discusses many important topics. He explains how the world of writing is changing constantly. I agree, we do live in a world of immediate communication and collaboration. In the first video, Mr.Miller focuses on the old style of writing and how it is perceived. The traditional way is to visit the library, research and find information, then begin writing the paper. This is how writing was, not how it should be. Miller then goes on to explain how technology is slowly changing the way people perceive writing.

In Miller's second video, he stresses that the writing of the future is key. We no longer have to write long lengthy papers. We now have the technology to add video and audio through podcasting and imovie. New technololgy allows for innovation. We as student and teachers can create great works that can be very useful. We no longer have to make trips to the libriary just to read or buy a book. We can now access the book online and make online purchases from our home computers. Miller also talks about video communication. He explains how after three months publishing these videos on the web, he had 9,000 views. He explains how if his lecture would have just been a printed lecture it may have taken two years for exposure. This is a perfect example of how video broadcasting can reach many people all over the world.
Live to Read

In the past writing has not been my favorite thing to do but Mr. Miller has changed the way I feel about it. There are so many things you can say with words. Words are powerful. Everyone needs to know how to read and write properly because you will use it on a daily basis, and especially in the class room. I have written many papers, essays, and blog posts. The idea that Mr. Miller presents about video and audio was also key. I have already experienced that in this class buy ehancing by blog post with videos to make it more interesting, and also more professional. I am excited to see what writings in the future will be like.The possibilities are endless and we, as students and teachers, need to expose our students to all of these options so they will be able to use their creativity to produce wonderous works.

Carly Pugh's Blog Post #12
Carly's video was awesome!!. She did a great job completing her project. She used exatcly what Mr. Miller talked about in his video. She was able to write her own story about teaching philosophy through pictures, video, and audio. I definately see how her video relates with Mr.Millers videos.

EDM For Dummies
I found these videos a bit humorous! The purpose of both the Chipper Series and EDM310 for dummies was to help people understand there are always people who are willing to help if you have problems with the class, but you must be dedicated. You should also want to succeed. That's a rule in life: If you want to be great or perform great at something you must be dedicated. Not many things come free or easy in this world. I almost felt the need to create a video to help future students in the class. I've encountered many problems, especially time management. I've had to balance this class with football and another computer based class. Another problem I encountered was understanding how to utilize some of the tool we have used. I have managed to stay on task by working diligently and asking for help just like the video explained.

Scavenger Hunt 2.0

My Comic
Animoto Animoto syncs with Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, and SmugMug to get your images in a snap. You can add text and emphasize specific images with the touch of a button. Music is at the heart of an Animoto video — upload your own mp3 or choose from our collection of tunes in several different genres. You can also watch your video in HD on or share it on Facebook, YouTube, your blog, or a DVD. It's fast and easy to post to websites or download.

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Blog Post # 6

Randy Pausch
In the beginning of Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture he explains, “We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.” After coming to the realization that he had 10 tumors in his liver and was given 3-6 months to live I’m sure this quote meant more to him than any other. Keeping the audience alive and listening, Pausch used much humor and was very energized in his tone throughout the lecture. He talked about his childhood and explained some childhood dreams of his. Inspiration and motivation were two main factors in this lecture. Pausch makes you realize that life isn’t about, and shouldn’t be about, worrying about tomorrow; it’s about living for today.

Pausch shares many quotes throughout the lecture. One that caught my attention was, "Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted". This quote is for those childhood dreams that you didn't exactly achieve but got much needed experience from working for it. It could also be for a game or competition you lost. When we lose or don’t get what we wanted is when we become better and learn to work harder the next time. My favorite quote was, “Brick walls are there for a reason - they let us prove how badly we want things.” I feel like this quote applies to everyone and couldn’t be any truer. A life without working hard for something is too easy and almost never happens. These brick walls provide drive and teach us how to fight for what we want and believe in.

Some of Pausch’s childhood dreams included becoming an NFL player, being Captain Kirk, winning stuffed animals, and a couple more. Pausch may not have accomplished all his dreams but he came close. He inspires you to never give up on any dreams of yours and strive to accomplish every single one. He teaches you to take criticism and use it to your full advantage. He stresses that listening to criticism and learning from it will help you from making the same mistake twice.

If Randy Pausch was to be summed up into one word it would be inspiring. You would have never been able to tell he had 3-6 months to live. His attitude, tone, and even presence were so positive and motivating. Watching this hour long video teaches you things that some people take years to learn. After hearing his quotes and beliefs the way I’ll think about life and brick walls is completely different. Randy Pausch has inspired me after watching this video and I’m sure he has touched millions of others.

Project # 11

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blog Post #7

The Networked Student by Wendy Drexler
This video is about communication and 21st century learning. It explains how student studying American Psychology uses blogs, google, iTunes, and many other useful tools to learn and connect. He uses his social bookmarking site where he can share his sites and topics with other students. He also uses blogs to connect with other students much like we do in this class. He has access to connect with some of the best professors for his research. Now that's amazing. He can now get some of the most precious information from his home computer simply by the technology of the internet. This video has really shown me how helpful new technology can be helpful.

“Why does the 21st century student need a teacher"? Teachers help students learn how to utilize the tools to take advantage of every educational oppertunity. Teachers are needed to guide students through the learning process of this technology. They also help them know how to ask for help and talk to professors in a professional, respectful manner. Anyone can put anything on the internet in this day and age. Thats why we need teachers to help students learn to evaluate selections to help them choose the best websites and information possible.

Technology in the 21st century is going to change the way teachers teach and students learn. We, as students and teachers, must take in this knowledge and use it to change the world in making a better worldwide learing community. It already has affected the entire world in many ways. Technology is only going to continue to get better and help make teaching and learning more useful, fun, and effective.

The student explained her PLE very well. She seems to know how to utilize this technology at a mature level. Her PLE is very similar to my PLN. I also added many tools that I will use in and outside of the classroom. PLN's and PLE's are a useful tool that help keep us organized.

Project #10 PLN

I was completely unfamiliar with what a PLN was but the videos tremendously helped with my understanding. A PLN is an easy way to organize tools that that I may use daily in life, my EDM 310 class, and other instances where I might need to use the internet. My PLN is an easy way I can access all the usefuil tools without having to go through an internet engine. Everything is just one click away. I have included Twitter, Facebook, and Google, which I use on a daily basis,in my PLN along with many other usefull tools. This will help me as a student, and will also help me when I become an educator. I plan on adding more tools to my PLN to help me stay organized.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Project #9

Time Toast

Blog Post #5

Dont Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?Dr. McLeod is very humorous in this selection. He is reporting many negative statments about the all of the new technology which is seemingly true but, that shouldnt stop us from using this new technology. He is tryning to get the point across that the pros out weigh the cons on this issue. If we eliminate this technology we would only be hurting ourselve in the future. This technology is our future Dr. Scott McLeod is an Associate Professor at Iowa State University. He is also the director of the UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education. He is also co-creator.

iSchool Initiative
The iSchool InitiativeWow! This guy was very impressive. He presented his information very well. It was very easy to understand him and what he was trying to accomplish. The powerpoint was well displayed. He explained many different, but effective ways the ischool program could be useful.The amount of money and resources really stood out to me. This video really opened my eyes to the power of technology. It makes me want to join the fight to open other students and schools to this program.

Eric Whitacre’s Virtual
Choir This video was very interesting to watch. I never knew the internet could be used in such ways. It's amazing how they could create such performance, especially each individual being at their own computer. This is a perfect example of how the internet can bring people with a common interest together. Im sure some of the performers were from all over the United States, maybe even the world.

Teaching in the 21st Century

Mr. Roberts suggest that teachers are no longer the main source in information which holds to be true. There are many ways students can access information on anything, anywhere. Teachers must direct students to use all these resources in the right way. He presents a series of questions that students may have in their future. How will these questions be answered? My answer is through technology. We have so many useful resources that we dont use efficiently. Why, because no one has ever taught them. Teachers must teach students to use this technology for a better purpose and a higher learning. Use this technology not for entertainment but engagement to learn and become better prepared for the world arounds us.

Reading Rockets
Reading Rockets

I found many valuable resources that can potentially help improve my teaching skills. One selection that I read was about reading and writing skills. This website informed me on how writing, spelling, and reading reinforce each other. Spelling helps a child see the patterns in language and understand how words are put together. By learning spelling, children realize that the English language follows rules, which makes it easier for them to understand those rules when reading or writing. Another selection that stood out to me was "Teaching Strategies". Every student doesnt learn the same way. Personally I learn best from watching someone perform a task then practicing it afterwards. Teachers should ues multiple teaching strategies. This website informed me that when using any teaching strategy, teachers should help students to understand why a strategy is useful, and describe explicitly how the strategy should be used. Teacher demonstration, modeling, and follow-up independent practice are critical factors for success. Teachers should use examples, diagrams, or videos to get their students to understand. Student discussion following strategy instruction is also helpful.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Blog Post #4

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom Podcasting is an effective way to interact with students other than the traditional way.Podcasting focuses on the higher levels of Bloom's Taxonomy, and allows for creativity and innovation. Vodcast is a form of podcasting that which allows students to include a visual for a better understanding.A benefit of podcasting include differentiation in the classroom.Another example where podcating can be very useful is when a student may be out sick, they can easily download their notes from itunes to study. Student whom are introduced to podcasting seem to enjoy it and all of its benefits. Judy Scharf Podcast Collection Judy Scharf Podcast Collection This site gave a lot of useful information about podcast. She gave great ways to use podcast in the class and even gave grading criteria. I think that it is great to have a place like this site to go because it is a great resource for teachers that do not know that much about podcast and want to know more. I think that podcast are a great way to put information out and make it convenient for people to see and learn. She had great ideas for useful ways to use podcast. Its such an interactive way for students and teachers to learn. Langwiches It was very interesting reading this. It's amazing how podcasting can get the children invloved at a young age. The younger they start using this technology the better it will be for them in the future.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Ten years old, his father took up Administration and Power, the uppermost and swiftly growing Farmlands. Great, slender plants creeping towards the sun, Down the domes to meet the smell of life. Everywhere, inexpressive in his heart no longer. Breathing dry cool air, residential levels, purged of smells but ozone. Here, little father, onwards. Reach to the observatory. Never visit, but sense rising excitement. One goal: life, outside, surface wide, and pressurized. Servicing scout car['s] circular door. Tense expectancy, settled down in cramped cabin.
Very Creative!!! This is Arthur C. Clarke short story, “I forget thee, Earth” turned into a poem by simply blacking out words as the story read along. It's amazing what can come about by using your imagination and being creative.
Social media in the class room can be considered a useful tool or a distraction as the article explained. The pro's out-weigh the con's in this issue. New technology allows students to explore and learn new ways of doing things. Thats what an education is about, right?

"We owe it to the present moment, and to our present selves, to live as the sum of our experiences, and with tonight you mark certainly that you possess the raw material to write your own life’s work of eminence. I stand in awe at your strength and determination to courageously explore, discover and express your unique voices in this world."
Bryan Jack

C4K Summary

My C4K for Tessa

Tessa attends an online school for girls in Plympton,Massachusetts. In her blog post she made a video honoring her teacher, Mr. Avery.I really enjoyed watching her "Anomoto" video. Mr. Avery sounds like a great teacher. I bet he enjoyed watching it as much as I did. By the way, I really liked the music she put with the video. It put me in a good mood. Great Job!!!

My C4K for Amy
Today at 9:15 the whole school and Goulter school went to the gym to watch the Robert Munch performance. It was three people acting out Robert Munch stories. There was 2 girls and 1 boy. Their names were Kimberly, Natary and Rob. It was Funny. They did the stories Moose, Just one goal, Where is Gah-ning, We share everything, and Just wait and see. The set and props were amazing! So was the acting! Everything was! It was Awesome!

Amy is a 4th grade student from Manitioba, Canada.I am glad I was assigned to Amy's blog because her post was very interesting. I’ve never heard of the Robert Munch stories but they sounded like a lot of fun to watch. I am glad she enjoyed watching the performance. I like funny stories too so I am going to try to find them and watch them. Great job! Keep up the good work!!!

My C4K for Teva
My last two C4K's were for Teva, boy from Parkvale, New Zealand. Teva did a great job on expressing his feelings using onomatopoeias.I really enjoyed his short story. Swimming is fun and great exersise

PLOP! “Brrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! its so cold! I’m shivering!” I said as I went into the pool. It was so cold that I could barely feel my legs! but I went on swimming to the end of swimming when it was free time I got out got dressed. I still had goose bumps and I was still shivering like mad. But I at least learnt a bit how to swim I thought... hmmm maybe it will come in handy some times...

Teva showed off his computer skills creating a powerpoint presentation much like our class project. I found many interesting facts about about Teva. His favorite color is green, his favorite food is cheese, and he really enjoys using computers.

Project #5

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Project #3

Social media in the class room can be considered a useful tool or a distraction as the article explained. The pro's out-weigh the con's in this issue. New technology allows students to explore and learn new ways of doing things. Thats what an education is about, right?

"We owe it to the present moment, and to our present selves, to live as the sum of our experiences, and with tonight you mark certainly that you possess the raw material to write your own life’s work of eminence. I stand in awe at your strength and determination to courageously explore, discover and express your unique voices in this world."
Bryan Jack
Blog Post # 3
Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please? This video shows how technology in the classroom can benefit children with special needs. The video shows a boy, Corbin, who used to need an assistant to read to him in the hallway. Now he uses an ipod touch with audio books. He no longer has to feel excluded from his classmates. The video also shows the difficulties a boy has with communicating. With the use of a computer he can easily communicate with his teachers and peersThis video really opened my eyes as to what technology can do for people. It's nice to see that technology gives people hope. These students are able to use technology to become more easily adaptive in the classroom. I can definately see myself using computers to help student learn.I plan on using every bit of technology to open up my students eyes to the world.

Education Apps
I was suprised to find to many apps that can be used in the educational field. I would definatly use the iBook app to help special need children read their favorite stories. Several books can be downloaded to an ipad. This app reads the story out to you and allows you to listen and have a better understand of the book. This app will help student become more independent learners.

Gary Hayes Social Media Count
I was amazed at the rates in which the media count was moving. This indicates the use of technology and social media is increasing at a high rate and it's only going to get faster. This means we as teachers need to become familiar with this technology because when we begin our careers the numbers are just going to get higher and steadily increase.

A Vision for students today
I could really relate to this video. I felt like I should have been in that video. As I was watching the video and reading the signs I found some of them to be true in my life. I question the way we learn everyday. I hate sitting in the classroom for hours listening to lecture. When I begin my career I'll make sure to have my student interacting with each other using the best of technology.

Peer Review The video's and blogs on peer-editing give great information on ways to edit properly. We should always be considerate of others writing. Always try to stay positive and compliment your peer's writing. We should also try to stay positive when we give suggestions and correcting our peers writing. Dont be a picky patty! When peer editing we should make corrections such as spelling and punctuation. Make sure the the writer is organized and stays on topic. And always, always stay positive!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blog Post #2

Did You Know? 3.0 - A John Strange 2012 Version
This video contained many interesting facts about education and the technology invloved with it. I was most certainly shocked that 25% of the population of India outnumbers the entire population of the United States in IQ level. We may not be the smartest, but we are still the strongest. The number of youtube videos watched in one minute really amazed me.1,097,220 videos!!! Wow! That's a lot of video watching.The video also showed statistics of the use of cell phones and computers.We need to take this technology and use it to benefit and learn.  All the talk about the future makes me curious to see the technology and equipment that I will be using by the time I begin my career. We already have all this touch screen stuff. Whats next?


In the short video Mr. Winkle Wakes, Mr. Winkle  wakes from a deep sleep over 100 years.He ventures out into the world to find that many things have changed since he has woken up.He sees new machines like the printer and the computer. After visiting an office and the hospital Mr.Winkle is shaken up by all the new technology. Mr Winkle then visits a nearby school to find that things are still how they used to be.
The purpose of this video is to show how the world is evolving with all of its new technology but yet there is not much change in the educational aspect. We must use this technology to expand our learning in the classroom as well as in other educational aspects.
The Importance of Creativity
Sir Ken Robinson states that creativity in education is just as important as literacy and we should treat it with the same status. He also states that if your not prepared to be wrong you will never come up with anything original. I have found that to be true. Think about the type of music you like. Then think about the music you don't like. They sound different right? In working with my brother to produce music I have found that people like different music based on many things but one thing is the sound. Many of the artist I like to listen to appeal to me because of their creativity. Each artist producing their own sound makes them who they are.Who wants to listen to the same song over and over again?
Sir Ken Robinson goes on to explain that that intelligence is diverse,dynamic, and distinct. He tells the story of a girl whom was told she had a learning disorder came to find her true passion, dancing. The doctor could have easily diagnosed her, put her on ,and send her home. Instead he sent her to a dancing school after he discovered that she had a talent for dancing.  The doctor gave her a chance to be creative and to express herself.She is now a well-known multi-millionare.

A Vision for 21st Century Learning
The video, A Vision for 21st Century Learning talks about our educational system and ways it needs to be modified to create a more interesting and evolutional learning community.  Students sit in the classroom day everyday and are lectured over and over again. From personal experience I can tell say that it is boring and something needs to be done.With all of the new technology in today's world, student deserve to be able to use the new technology to learn and become more adapted to today's society.
The video presents a new way to teach children of the 21st Century. They propose the idea of teaching students through a video game.The video game is set up in a 3D world where the students can travel and experience times as if they lived in that time period I think this is a great idea! Kids love video games so why not mesh it with leaning?

Vicki Davis: Harness Your Students' Digital SmartsHarness Your Students' Digital Smarts
In this video Vicki Davis explains how the technology we use daily can be used to learn and become more advanced in the educational world. She explains how she teaches her students to use every technology to connect with the world. Students must be taught in different ways other than the traditional pencil and paper lectures. She helps the students learn how to accomplish tasks using a variety of digital technology. She believes that students should become more comfortable with this technology because the students of today are the future of tommorrow.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Blog Post #1

My name is Akeem Appleton. I was born the youngest of two children on January 22, 1993 in Fort Payne, Alabama. I graduated from Fort Payne High where I played football, basketball, and ran track. Sports have been my life and it's one of the reasons im here. I was given the opportunity to come to USA on a football scholarship. My older brother also plays football at Shorter University in Rome, Georgia. I have learned that football doesn't last forever so I am pursuing a career in Physical Education. I plan to teach P.E. and coach one day.

World for about me post

Time Management: Dr. Pausch’s video is tremendously useful. He gives many methods for time management which is sometimes difficult for me with balancing athletics with school work. After watching the video I sometimes find myself using his methods. For example, I make a to-do list when I have several tasks for that day. He also talked about avoiding stress and procrastination. Procrastination is my worst enemy because it causes stress. After watching the video I feel that I will be more motivated to manage my time more efficiently.