Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blog Post # 3
Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please? This video shows how technology in the classroom can benefit children with special needs. The video shows a boy, Corbin, who used to need an assistant to read to him in the hallway. Now he uses an ipod touch with audio books. He no longer has to feel excluded from his classmates. The video also shows the difficulties a boy has with communicating. With the use of a computer he can easily communicate with his teachers and peersThis video really opened my eyes as to what technology can do for people. It's nice to see that technology gives people hope. These students are able to use technology to become more easily adaptive in the classroom. I can definately see myself using computers to help student learn.I plan on using every bit of technology to open up my students eyes to the world.

Education Apps
I was suprised to find to many apps that can be used in the educational field. I would definatly use the iBook app to help special need children read their favorite stories. Several books can be downloaded to an ipad. This app reads the story out to you and allows you to listen and have a better understand of the book. This app will help student become more independent learners.

Gary Hayes Social Media Count
I was amazed at the rates in which the media count was moving. This indicates the use of technology and social media is increasing at a high rate and it's only going to get faster. This means we as teachers need to become familiar with this technology because when we begin our careers the numbers are just going to get higher and steadily increase.

A Vision for students today
I could really relate to this video. I felt like I should have been in that video. As I was watching the video and reading the signs I found some of them to be true in my life. I question the way we learn everyday. I hate sitting in the classroom for hours listening to lecture. When I begin my career I'll make sure to have my student interacting with each other using the best of technology.

Peer Review The video's and blogs on peer-editing give great information on ways to edit properly. We should always be considerate of others writing. Always try to stay positive and compliment your peer's writing. We should also try to stay positive when we give suggestions and correcting our peers writing. Dont be a picky patty! When peer editing we should make corrections such as spelling and punctuation. Make sure the the writer is organized and stays on topic. And always, always stay positive!


  1. Good summaries but a bit more detail about the content of what you read/watched would be helpful.

  2. Where is your discussion of the peer review portion of this assignment?

  3. I just updated my blog post. The peer review should be there now.