Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Ten years old, his father took up Administration and Power, the uppermost and swiftly growing Farmlands. Great, slender plants creeping towards the sun, Down the domes to meet the smell of life. Everywhere, inexpressive in his heart no longer. Breathing dry cool air, residential levels, purged of smells but ozone. Here, little father, onwards. Reach to the observatory. Never visit, but sense rising excitement. One goal: life, outside, surface wide, and pressurized. Servicing scout car['s] circular door. Tense expectancy, settled down in cramped cabin.
Very Creative!!! This is Arthur C. Clarke short story, “I forget thee, Earth” turned into a poem by simply blacking out words as the story read along. It's amazing what can come about by using your imagination and being creative.
Social media in the class room can be considered a useful tool or a distraction as the article explained. The pro's out-weigh the con's in this issue. New technology allows students to explore and learn new ways of doing things. Thats what an education is about, right?

"We owe it to the present moment, and to our present selves, to live as the sum of our experiences, and with tonight you mark certainly that you possess the raw material to write your own life’s work of eminence. I stand in awe at your strength and determination to courageously explore, discover and express your unique voices in this world."
Bryan Jack

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