Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blog Post #7

The Networked Student by Wendy Drexler
This video is about communication and 21st century learning. It explains how student studying American Psychology uses blogs, google, iTunes, and many other useful tools to learn and connect. He uses his social bookmarking site where he can share his sites and topics with other students. He also uses blogs to connect with other students much like we do in this class. He has access to connect with some of the best professors for his research. Now that's amazing. He can now get some of the most precious information from his home computer simply by the technology of the internet. This video has really shown me how helpful new technology can be helpful.

“Why does the 21st century student need a teacher"? Teachers help students learn how to utilize the tools to take advantage of every educational oppertunity. Teachers are needed to guide students through the learning process of this technology. They also help them know how to ask for help and talk to professors in a professional, respectful manner. Anyone can put anything on the internet in this day and age. Thats why we need teachers to help students learn to evaluate selections to help them choose the best websites and information possible.

Technology in the 21st century is going to change the way teachers teach and students learn. We, as students and teachers, must take in this knowledge and use it to change the world in making a better worldwide learing community. It already has affected the entire world in many ways. Technology is only going to continue to get better and help make teaching and learning more useful, fun, and effective.

The student explained her PLE very well. She seems to know how to utilize this technology at a mature level. Her PLE is very similar to my PLN. I also added many tools that I will use in and outside of the classroom. PLN's and PLE's are a useful tool that help keep us organized.

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