Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blog Post #10

The video for blog post #10 is enlightening. It differenciates a teacher and an educator. Anyone can be a teacher, but it takes true passion to be an educator. As educators, we must not only teach students but also guide them in the right path to sucess. I plan on being a great educator by developing realationships with my students. I want them to feel comfortable in the classroom. Getting to know your students is a great way to become a mentor in their lives. I want to be able to give my students advice on anything they may be troubled with. I want my students to be able to talk to me about anything beause I will try to help them in the best professional way possible.
Future education

As educators we must support our students. Getting involved in their lives may help them in the classroom. There are many personal situations that occur in the homes of students. Some students may feel trapped in that they have no one to talk to about their problems. That's where students should be able to confront a teacher and let them know whats going on so they can get help. It is our duty to help students suceed in any way possible.

Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home
This post was a bit confusing to me at first, but I reread it for better comprehension. The point that I got out of this blog post was that teachers shouldn't become so caught up in statistics that may or may not matter. In this case, statistics that don't matter. As explained in the article, the lady tells us that using pencils causes students to score lower on standardized test. She rants on about how something needs to be done about this problem that she makes seem enormous. Tom believes that students using pencils isn't a bad thing, in fact it may be a good thing. Students may be learning things that the teachers may be unaware of. I would have to side with Tom on this issue. Teachers should focus more on helping the students in the classroom by getting involved, supporting, and encouraging rather than worring about the effects of pencils.


  1. Hello Akeem,

    I have read several posts and honestly, well written ones have been few and far between. With that said, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post on the assigned topics. They were both well written and very thought through. Although, there is always room for improvement.
    I have a few critiques that well make your posts even better in the future. Pictures should have the "alt" and "title" added in the HTML. The "alt" will help disabled individuals understand your media you have associated with the blog. The "title" will show credit to the person who created the pictures. The other advice I would give is add clickable links in your posts. This will help future readers to make a better judgement on your writings. They can click onto the link, read the original posts, and then see how you came to your conclusions in your summary.
    In a side note, the post Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home I believe was an allegory, for technology in schools. Mr. Spencer was trying to get people to think and see the hidden meaning with his post. Technology can be the primary tool in schools much like pencils were when are parents were kids. He wanted readers to critically think about this deeper topic that is plaguing our schools and what better way than present it as an allegory. If you have time read his post again and substitute any technology, i.e. computers, in the place of pencils. I believe the post will make a lot more sense.
    Great job as a whole and keep up the good work. Before you know it, you will be in that advice giving role and helping your students to grow and succeed. Thank you for this post and I am excited to see where you go from here.


    Jason Lynch

  2. Hey Akeem,

    I would give you a good constructive comment, but Jason has already done that for me! Just as Jason mentioned, "Google Images" isn't a proper source for your pictures. There is a specific URL where your images are located.

    You also didn't understand the metaphor of Tom Johnson's post. He wasn't talking about pencils, he was talking about technology (i,e, computers). Take a second look at the post and then you will see that it is a metaphor.

    Overall, you did a good job on you post!

    Stephen Akins