Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blog Post #11

Mrs.Cassidy's Class
Little Kid Using Computer
This was a very interesting, yet exciting video to watch. My first impression after watching the video was “Wow!!! Look at those little geniuses!" All the kids seemed interested and in-tune with the technology they were using. I was surprised that they had so much knowledge with using the computers. They demonstrated their skills well. I know that I wasn't half as involved with technology at that age. I was really impressed with Mrs.Cassidy's class and her teaching methods. I would like to use the same type of set up as she used in the aspect of blogging. She made it easy for the children to comprehend and understand how to use the technology. One problem that I may encounter with this teaching style is children not receiving comments from others and getting discouraged. By the time I become a teacher I think the world should be up to date with the latest teaching tools and teaching methods. Therefore, I shouldn't have to deal with that issue. If I do encounter this problem I will arrange a way that each student receives a comment by arranging many options for each student. I agree with Mrs. Cassidy when she says teachers should be technologically literate. They should because when using technology to educate others, especially young children, you need to know more than just the basics. Teachers should be aware and comfortable with the teaching tools so that the students will learn proficiently.

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  1. Hello Akeem,

    Mrs. Cassidy certainly does have a great method of incorporating technology and teaching technology into her classroom. I'm glad you found her videos interesting and worthwhile. There were a few spelling errors in your post (suprised and Therefor should be surprised and Therefore) but if you type your posts in a Word Doc prior to posting it should catch those little things. I think you could have dug a bit deeper into the application of her techniques. Were there any specific techniques of Mrs. Cassidy's that you might implement in your classroom?