Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blog Post #5

Dont Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?Dr. McLeod is very humorous in this selection. He is reporting many negative statments about the all of the new technology which is seemingly true but, that shouldnt stop us from using this new technology. He is tryning to get the point across that the pros out weigh the cons on this issue. If we eliminate this technology we would only be hurting ourselve in the future. This technology is our future Dr. Scott McLeod is an Associate Professor at Iowa State University. He is also the director of the UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education. He is also co-creator.

iSchool Initiative
The iSchool InitiativeWow! This guy was very impressive. He presented his information very well. It was very easy to understand him and what he was trying to accomplish. The powerpoint was well displayed. He explained many different, but effective ways the ischool program could be useful.The amount of money and resources really stood out to me. This video really opened my eyes to the power of technology. It makes me want to join the fight to open other students and schools to this program.

Eric Whitacre’s Virtual
Choir This video was very interesting to watch. I never knew the internet could be used in such ways. It's amazing how they could create such performance, especially each individual being at their own computer. This is a perfect example of how the internet can bring people with a common interest together. Im sure some of the performers were from all over the United States, maybe even the world.

Teaching in the 21st Century

Mr. Roberts suggest that teachers are no longer the main source in information which holds to be true. There are many ways students can access information on anything, anywhere. Teachers must direct students to use all these resources in the right way. He presents a series of questions that students may have in their future. How will these questions be answered? My answer is through technology. We have so many useful resources that we dont use efficiently. Why, because no one has ever taught them. Teachers must teach students to use this technology for a better purpose and a higher learning. Use this technology not for entertainment but engagement to learn and become better prepared for the world arounds us.

Reading Rockets
Reading Rockets

I found many valuable resources that can potentially help improve my teaching skills. One selection that I read was about reading and writing skills. This website informed me on how writing, spelling, and reading reinforce each other. Spelling helps a child see the patterns in language and understand how words are put together. By learning spelling, children realize that the English language follows rules, which makes it easier for them to understand those rules when reading or writing. Another selection that stood out to me was "Teaching Strategies". Every student doesnt learn the same way. Personally I learn best from watching someone perform a task then practicing it afterwards. Teachers should ues multiple teaching strategies. This website informed me that when using any teaching strategy, teachers should help students to understand why a strategy is useful, and describe explicitly how the strategy should be used. Teacher demonstration, modeling, and follow-up independent practice are critical factors for success. Teachers should use examples, diagrams, or videos to get their students to understand. Student discussion following strategy instruction is also helpful.

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