Monday, March 26, 2012

Blog Post #8

Reading The Future
Richard Miller is an English professor at Rutgers University. I enjoyed watching the videos by Dr. Miller. He discusses many important topics. He explains how the world of writing is changing constantly. I agree, we do live in a world of immediate communication and collaboration. In the first video, Mr.Miller focuses on the old style of writing and how it is perceived. The traditional way is to visit the library, research and find information, then begin writing the paper. This is how writing was, not how it should be. Miller then goes on to explain how technology is slowly changing the way people perceive writing.

In Miller's second video, he stresses that the writing of the future is key. We no longer have to write long lengthy papers. We now have the technology to add video and audio through podcasting and imovie. New technololgy allows for innovation. We as student and teachers can create great works that can be very useful. We no longer have to make trips to the libriary just to read or buy a book. We can now access the book online and make online purchases from our home computers. Miller also talks about video communication. He explains how after three months publishing these videos on the web, he had 9,000 views. He explains how if his lecture would have just been a printed lecture it may have taken two years for exposure. This is a perfect example of how video broadcasting can reach many people all over the world.
Live to Read

In the past writing has not been my favorite thing to do but Mr. Miller has changed the way I feel about it. There are so many things you can say with words. Words are powerful. Everyone needs to know how to read and write properly because you will use it on a daily basis, and especially in the class room. I have written many papers, essays, and blog posts. The idea that Mr. Miller presents about video and audio was also key. I have already experienced that in this class buy ehancing by blog post with videos to make it more interesting, and also more professional. I am excited to see what writings in the future will be like.The possibilities are endless and we, as students and teachers, need to expose our students to all of these options so they will be able to use their creativity to produce wonderous works.

Carly Pugh's Blog Post #12
Carly's video was awesome!!. She did a great job completing her project. She used exatcly what Mr. Miller talked about in his video. She was able to write her own story about teaching philosophy through pictures, video, and audio. I definately see how her video relates with Mr.Millers videos.

EDM For Dummies
I found these videos a bit humorous! The purpose of both the Chipper Series and EDM310 for dummies was to help people understand there are always people who are willing to help if you have problems with the class, but you must be dedicated. You should also want to succeed. That's a rule in life: If you want to be great or perform great at something you must be dedicated. Not many things come free or easy in this world. I almost felt the need to create a video to help future students in the class. I've encountered many problems, especially time management. I've had to balance this class with football and another computer based class. Another problem I encountered was understanding how to utilize some of the tool we have used. I have managed to stay on task by working diligently and asking for help just like the video explained.

Scavenger Hunt 2.0

My Comic
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  1. Hey Akeem,
    You did a really good job on this post I can tell that you really took the time to explore the sites and thought about each topic. Just a suggestion I would make the video's as links, but I like how you have it easy to watch. I agree with you about most all of Dr. Miller's statements about writing. Writing is extremely important and by adding pictures and sound it adds to the meaning of the message. Really good job with this blog post, explore more with the scavenger hunt, other than that it looks good!

  2. Hey Akeem,

    Great job!

    I see that you are learning a good bit from the videos and posts from this assignment. I think I have seen many of your classmates use this type of polling system. It looks like it would be easy to use.

    Good job,

    Stephen Akins