Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blog Post #9

May 27, 2009 What I've Learned This Year (2008-09)
I can truely tell that Mr. Joe McClung has grown as a teacher. He made many great points in his blog post. For example, when he said teachers do not make their lessons student centered, and they become so concerned with the delivery of the content that they are missing the most important aspect of teaching. I also agree with him as far as student comprehension being the most important aspect of teaching. One statment that really stood out to me was when he said "Our job as teachers is to simply pick them up after they fail, dust them off, and encourage them to try again". That shows the type of attitude you must have to be a teacher. That is a teacher's job-to encourage one to do their best while guiding them through the process. Another great point that he made was listen to your students. Many teachers don't take the time to get to know their students. Teachers shoould develop relationships with their student. I believe it nakes for a better learning environment. This post had a lot of userful information in it. Reading his post will make me a better teacher by learning from his experiences.

June 23, 2011 What I Learned This Year (2010-11)
This post by Mr. McClungs is filled with useful information also. One of the first things he mentions under "Know Who Your Boss Is is that teachers must not get caught up in what others think about them and trying to please everyone in the work place. He makes a great point by saying "Remember the reason that we got in the business in the first place, the kids." That statement holds true in my eyes. No matter what the case may be, teachers should always put the students first. "Dont Touch The Keyboard" was another section that caught my eye. This section was about helping the students and not hurting them by completeing the task for them. Most teachers want only the best for their students. When a student is struggling with something it is best to guide them in a way that helps them understand the task at hand. Teachers should never give a student answers. It takes away from the learning experience and the student is in fact not learning anything; hence, the teacher is not doing their job correctly. Mr. McClung's blog posts were very interesting to read. They all gave useful information that will help me grow into becoming a great teacher.

-This means that our students will struggle a little bit in the front end but it will help them excel in the end game.
-Our decision making process should always be student centered and not centered around pleasing adults.
-While routines are good in the sense they allow me to be more effective, they can also be bad because they can foster apathy.

I'm very happy with the teacher that I have become.


  1. Akeem,

    I completely agree with your ideas listed in the blog post. I talked about similar things in my post. I think it is very important that we encourage students. I have been discouraged by teachers before; therefore, I think that is very important to avoid. It makes students start to doubt their potential, and we need to focus on uplifting them!
    Also, the section "Don't touch the keyboard" was also something that teachers need to remember! I included this in my post because I think it hinders our educational system if we are not teaching the students. Sometimes people have to struggle to learn, but the key is that they are learning.


  2. Hey Akeem,

    Your post is good, but you don't have any working links in your post. Make sure that every post has links and pictures.

    Stephen Akins