Wednesday, February 29, 2012

C4K Summary

My C4K for Tessa

Tessa attends an online school for girls in Plympton,Massachusetts. In her blog post she made a video honoring her teacher, Mr. Avery.I really enjoyed watching her "Anomoto" video. Mr. Avery sounds like a great teacher. I bet he enjoyed watching it as much as I did. By the way, I really liked the music she put with the video. It put me in a good mood. Great Job!!!

My C4K for Amy
Today at 9:15 the whole school and Goulter school went to the gym to watch the Robert Munch performance. It was three people acting out Robert Munch stories. There was 2 girls and 1 boy. Their names were Kimberly, Natary and Rob. It was Funny. They did the stories Moose, Just one goal, Where is Gah-ning, We share everything, and Just wait and see. The set and props were amazing! So was the acting! Everything was! It was Awesome!

Amy is a 4th grade student from Manitioba, Canada.I am glad I was assigned to Amy's blog because her post was very interesting. I’ve never heard of the Robert Munch stories but they sounded like a lot of fun to watch. I am glad she enjoyed watching the performance. I like funny stories too so I am going to try to find them and watch them. Great job! Keep up the good work!!!

My C4K for Teva
My last two C4K's were for Teva, boy from Parkvale, New Zealand. Teva did a great job on expressing his feelings using onomatopoeias.I really enjoyed his short story. Swimming is fun and great exersise

PLOP! “Brrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! its so cold! I’m shivering!” I said as I went into the pool. It was so cold that I could barely feel my legs! but I went on swimming to the end of swimming when it was free time I got out got dressed. I still had goose bumps and I was still shivering like mad. But I at least learnt a bit how to swim I thought... hmmm maybe it will come in handy some times...

Teva showed off his computer skills creating a powerpoint presentation much like our class project. I found many interesting facts about about Teva. His favorite color is green, his favorite food is cheese, and he really enjoys using computers.


  1. Hello Akeem! But I'm a boy not a she! :D

  2. Hello again but really I am a boy not a girl!

  3. I apologize Teva. I am very sorry. I updated my blog so I know you are not a girl. Please forgive me for my mistake!!!

  4. Its OK akeem, but I have to admit that was funny!