Saturday, January 28, 2012

Blog Post #1

My name is Akeem Appleton. I was born the youngest of two children on January 22, 1993 in Fort Payne, Alabama. I graduated from Fort Payne High where I played football, basketball, and ran track. Sports have been my life and it's one of the reasons im here. I was given the opportunity to come to USA on a football scholarship. My older brother also plays football at Shorter University in Rome, Georgia. I have learned that football doesn't last forever so I am pursuing a career in Physical Education. I plan to teach P.E. and coach one day.

World for about me post

Time Management: Dr. Pausch’s video is tremendously useful. He gives many methods for time management which is sometimes difficult for me with balancing athletics with school work. After watching the video I sometimes find myself using his methods. For example, I make a to-do list when I have several tasks for that day. He also talked about avoiding stress and procrastination. Procrastination is my worst enemy because it causes stress. After watching the video I feel that I will be more motivated to manage my time more efficiently.


  1. Welcome. Are you on South's track or football team?

  2. Welcome to EDM 310! I hope that you will find the class interesting and engaging. Don't forget to contact the help line of you need help.

    Stephen Akins

    1. It has been very interesting so far! I am ready to get rolling.