Tuesday, March 27, 2012

C4K Summary (March)


My first C4K assignment was for Jude, a young boy from the UK. I really enjoyed reading about his Saturday with his dad. They went to the Great North Museum, also known as the Hancock Museum. They went to see a LEGO exibibtion. He said there were people making a LEGO city. Before they could go into the exibition they had to kill time because there were time slots. In their spare time they went and bought new school shoes, ate, and bought flowers and chocolates for his mother because it was Mother's Day. Sounds like they both had lots of fun. The Hancock Museum sounds like a really cool place to visit. I’d like to go there some day.

My final C4K was for Andrew, whose perfered name is Andy. Andy lives in Canada. Me and Andy had some thingd in common. His favorite sport is football, which is also mine. I also found out that he like pumpkin pie. That's one of my favorite desserts. Andy seems like a really interesting person. I wish to know more about Andy.

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