Saturday, May 5, 2012

Project #13

Twenty-four hours without technology might seem like an everyday issue but for others, well, they would rather have a stroke then put their iPhone down for fifteen minutes let alone twenty-four hours. I must admit that I was never able to go the full twenty-four hours without technology, as required for this assignment. However, the problems that I faced were work and school related. Being self-employed I couldn't let my phone sit idol. The instructions did allow phones for work purposes but I would rather have been able to commit 100% regardless. The second issue that I faced is that it is finals time. Keeping up with classes is a must have during the end of the semester. Other than these two slip ups, I did well. No radio, on the drive the school. No TV during down times. Perhaps I will try this assignment at a later date. I almost feel like it would be somewhat relaxing to be able to turn off every form of technology and focus on yourself and the others around you. I was intrigued by this assignment, so I did a Google search on other peoples no technology projects. This was one article that I found relatively interesting and I wanted to share this with all of you. A college student did an Amish Project with no cell phone, email or social media for 90 days. His story really makes you think about all of the ways that we no longer communicate with people and how we only communicate with people.

Final Project #16